New Years' 16/17 Opening Hours

A few folks have been asking us when we're open over the New Year so we thought we'd pop our hours in a handy wee blog. Our NYE hours are limited by our license but lots of our neighbours are open past midnight. We'd love to host you if you swing by our way for some dinner and drinks before the Big Ben does its thing!

31/12/16 (NEW YEAR'S EVE): 11AM - 11PM
02/01/17: CLOSED (it's a Monday!)

Back open Tuesday 3rd January 11AM as usual. 




Christmas 2016 Opening Hours

Here we are nearing the end of our second week open, and what a ride it's been! 
As you may have already seen on Instagram, we've decided to close on Monday and every following Monday until further notice, this is in order to do prep lots of chikn and beefy patties, do a deep clean, meet with managers, train new team members and loads of other stuff to make the other 6 days of the week we're open even better!

Further to this, we have decided on the following Christmas opening hours, based on team availability:

24/12/16 (CHRISTMAS EVE): 11AM - 4PM
27/12/16: CLOSED
28/12/16: CLOSED

Back open Wednesday 29th December 11AM as usual. Smell ya later!

Manic Monday


It's finally upon us: Tomorrow morning at 11am we're opening for the first time as V Rev on Edge Street

It's been a lonely month without our customers whilst we've been moving over from V Revolution round the corner, and it's been fraught with stress. Our contractors have completely ghosted us at this point (we haven't seen or heard from them in days), so the premises are a bit rough round the edges in places because there's still a long list of things they've yet to do, but we can't wait any longer: We just have to share with you everything we've been working on. 

Our solid crew of 9 from Oldham Street has grown to a team of 23, working double the hours, making everything from scratch, and prepping a completely new bar and bakery. The fit-out running a month over schedule (and still ongoing... we hope?!) has meant however that we've only had access to the kitchen since the end of last week, and have had a grand total of four days to get to grips with the till system. We've had a little run through of the menu tonight for some friends which went super well, but we've still never worked a "proper shift" together before, we've never worked in this space before, and we've never operated at this level before. We're determined to blow your minds and fill your tummies, but we're still figuring out the best way to do this.

With that in mind, if you have any observations about things we're doing that you love, or suggestions on things you think we could do better we'd love to hear from you, either in person or by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We hope to see you tomorrow!


Three days to go!

Yep, that's right! In three days' time, exactly a month after we shut up shop on Oldham Street, we will be opening our doors at our new premises on Edge Street from 11am til 11pm every damn day!

Our food and drinks menus are up on our new website now for you to peruse in advance: diner menu here, drinks menu here, and our bakery page is here (no set menu for sweets, but a good selection of bakes and flavours every day!)

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

"So.... When are you opening?"

Happy Sunday!

It's been 15 days since we pulled our shutters down at Oldham Street for the last time: The longest we have ever been closed in our 5 years of trading. We were hoping to make it across to Edge Street and be open within a week, but sadly that's not been the case.

Our handover date from our contractors for our new shop was meant to be Tuesday 25th October. With our last day at Oldham Street on the 28th, a week seemed like a decent period of time to make finishing touches to the decor, fill the kitchen and bar with supplies, and get our new team in for training...

As it stands we are still waiting for official handover nearly three weeks later, there's been a leak from the flats upstairs into the bar, and we've discovered some plumbing issues in the basement. It's been tough, it's been stressful, but still we plough on.

While we wait for our contractors to pull their fingers out, we've still been pulling long hours doing as much as we can:

  • Our new team are all Fire Safety and Food Safety Trained 
  • Our kitchen is fully stocked and ready to go (except for chilled/frozen items, as the walk-in chiller/freezer is off for access to plumbing)
  • Our bar is fully stocked and ready to go
  • Our menus are all tested and finalised
  • All furniture has been assembled
  • Over 60 prints and paintings have been hung on the walls
  • We've hand-filled the convenience dispensers for the loos with over 500 vegan condoms and eco organic tampons
  • Jim Medway has hand-painted our windows and internal signage 
  • We have designed and ordered a bunch of new merch, including this pin available online now 
  • We've ploughed through miles of paperwork necessary for the FSA, other Government departments, our bank etc...

So yeah, we've certainly been keeping busy. We get how eager you are to dine with us, just as we are eager to host you but please bear with us. We understand how frustrating this is, and to be honest we're about at our wits' end with almost two years of promised and then re-revised timelines (yes really, two years - this is a new build that has been keeping us stressed from the start). However, we still cannot commit to an opening date: The plumbing issues discovered this week are substantial and until our contractors fix them, we cannot use the kitchen (which is, it turns out, the most important part of any diner). We'll continue to pester our contractors but please be gentle with us. We're doing absolutely everything within our power to deliver delicious burgers and beers to your mouth asap.

Ok, peace!

Our new mascot

"Please, tell me more about your feelings concerning my lifestyle..."

We've all been there: Someone finds out you're vegan and then you have to sit there patiently while they tell you about how: 
a) You'll die of protein deficiency
b) They could never live without cheese
c) "But bacon tho" 
d) All of the above

Let this sassy little hotdog help you navigate these awkward social situations. 

7 colour soft enamel pin badge
35mm long
Rubber closure

With thanks to:

Jim Medway (Illustration) 
Elliot Forde (Digitisation and text) 
WeThreeClub (Backing card logo and illustrations)

A short history of our A-boards (2011 - present)

In one hour at 6pm, V Revolution will roll its shutters down for the last time at 88 Oldham Street, becoming V Rev Vegan Diner on Edge Street some time in early November (date TBA). We've been here for five years now, and while we're stoked to be moving to a shiny new bigger spot with way more opportunities to stretch our creativity and give you better food and service, it is also an emotional day. We will miss this little patch of Oldham Street dearly and hope to return to visit again as a customer elsewhere.

From humble beginnings (we're talking really humble... like, two chairs and two hundred records on the floor type humble), it took a good few months before we had enough money to scrape together for an A-board:

  Initial co-founder Chris with our first A-board in 2011

Initial co-founder Chris with our first A-board in 2011

After Chris left in 2012, Dom felt an increasing pull to the food side of the business. So, a progression from filter coffee, sandwiches and cakes to a professional espresso coffee machine and a panini-style press (the style of which we still use today!) began over the next year. Whilst keeping punk, hardcore and metal records and vegan groceries in stock, the layout of V Revolution also switched up to create space for a maximum of 20 diners at the front:

Since then our popularity has grown and our team with it (Team V Revolution, Population: 9) we've mainly relied on our trusty Fritz-Kola A-board with various designs. Our most recent is this collaboration between Faridah (text) and Helena (Bootleg Bart):

As you'll probably know by now from us tooting about it already, our move to Edge Street is a huge step up for us. Three times more seating, twice as long opening hours, over twice as big a team (Team V Revolution, Population: 23), a brand new bigger menu with everything prepared from scratch, a bar and in-house bakery... Sorry, getting carried away with excitement.

Anyway yeah, we really feel like what we've been working on is gonna be a game-changer not only for the Manchester food scene, but hopefully the vegan scene at large. Obviously we had to get an A-board that would reflect this. So, we're delighted to have one of the North's finest traditional sign painters and illustrators Jim Medway to hand paint not only this, but our windows and signs inside the diner.

We've loved Jim since he put out the comic Teen Witch back in 2007 and as a former Manchester resident, we knew he would understand the area we're joining and what we hope to add to it. When he arrived with our new A-board last month we were proved right:

  Photo:   /  Logo:  WeThreeClub   /  A-board:  Jim Medway

Photo: Logo: WeThreeClub / A-board: Jim Medway

We have to keep some things a surprise for when we open, so we'll keep the design on the other side of the A-board a secret until then. We can reveal however that it features a sassy lil 'dawg that you will be able to buy soon in enamel pin form from our diner and our new web store, so keep an eye out!


If you're impatient or just straight up broke, we're running a competition on Twitter and Instagram to win one! (We're giving away one on each site, so if you have accounts on both and want to double your odds, enter on both!)

Twitter competition here // Instagram competion here - GOOD LUCK!


Ta-ra, Oldham Street!

After waiting over 18 months to move to our shiny new bigger premises on Edge Street, and feeling like we might end up in a state of perpetual anticipation on a rolling rent situation at 88 Oldham Street maybe forever, it's finally time to say goodbye to our cosy little spot next door to The Koffee Pot. This Friday 28th October our poor overworked panini press grill will fry its last 'beef' and 'chicken' patties,  and the shutters will go down on V Revolution one last time at 18.00 (last hot food orders 17.45 as usual).

V Revolution was founded by Dom and his friend Chris Redman five years ago as a vegan grocery and record store specialising in Punk, Hardcore and Metal. Chris moved to Cambridge the next year and in early 2013 Dom began to introduce a small menu comprised mainly of burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches made with the products he sold, and converted the premises from a purely retail to a mixed use retail and cafe style layout with a capacity of 20 covers.

With a clear consumer pull towards the dining side of the business, we retired the musical element of our retail offer the two years ago, though our ethic, aesthetic and stereo output remains an homage to these subcultures and many of our team and customers are actively involved in these scenes.

Due to our popularity amongst Manchester locals and vegan tourists alike, we will open in a much larger space round the corner on Edge Street in early November (seems fate wanted us to be very noughties emo about it all) and become V Rev Vegan Diner, with a doubled staff, full commercial kitchen, bar and in-house bakery open 11am until 11pm every day.

Up until this point we've had about every delay manageable on a new build construction site (to the point that the building company folded part-way through and our landlord had to pick up the pieces), but around 12 weeks ago our contractors were able to get into the space to fit it out with fixtures and fittings and design features drawn up by our architect, as well as the essential gas and leccy supply. They've done an amazing job and we cannot wait to get our hands on the keys tomorrow!

We will regretfully have to be closed and not trading at Oldham Street or Edge Street for at least a week. We understand some of you may already have plans to visit us during this time and we're really sorry about that, we've tried to do things as seamlessly as possible and here we are: Handover from our contractors is slightly delayed (we were meant to be in at the start of October), and now we need time to make our own touches in decorating the space, including hosting Jim Medway from this Wednesday to hand paint our windows and signage round the shop, installing our very own ToTM organic tampon vending machines and Monthly Gift MCR donation box, and vegan condom vending machine. We also have to hang the prints, paintings and other art work we've been collecting and make other finishing touches to how it all looks, not to mention figure out how our recipes for our new menu work best in our new kitchen space, as well as train begin to manage our team which has over doubled in size to 23(!)

We're gonna work our socks of to get this done as quickly as possible, but we also don't want to rush to the extent that we mess up or give you anything less than the absolute best food, drinks and service we can, because we respect you and ourselves enough to want to do and be better. As such, we don't have an opening date to commit to yet: There's some absolutely critical factors that need to be in place before we can do so, including getting internet and beer lines installed, so we need to wait until that's done before we even think about promoting an opening date, otherwise we won't be able to pull pints or take orders!

Please bear with us in this last hurdle we have to face in what's felt like a marathon struggle to grow our business and improve everything we can offer you. We'll endeavour to communicate as much here and through our mailing list as we can, and if you have anything you want to know in the meanwhile you're always welcome to drop us a line at

We hope to see you in this last week on Oldham Street, it's going to bittersweet and we might do a little cry. End of an era: Onwards and upwards!