A short history of our A-boards (2011 - present)

In one hour at 6pm, V Revolution will roll its shutters down for the last time at 88 Oldham Street, becoming V Rev Vegan Diner on Edge Street some time in early November (date TBA). We've been here for five years now, and while we're stoked to be moving to a shiny new bigger spot with way more opportunities to stretch our creativity and give you better food and service, it is also an emotional day. We will miss this little patch of Oldham Street dearly and hope to return to visit again as a customer elsewhere.

From humble beginnings (we're talking really humble... like, two chairs and two hundred records on the floor type humble), it took a good few months before we had enough money to scrape together for an A-board:

  Initial co-founder Chris with our first A-board in 2011

Initial co-founder Chris with our first A-board in 2011

After Chris left in 2012, Dom felt an increasing pull to the food side of the business. So, a progression from filter coffee, sandwiches and cakes to a professional espresso coffee machine and a panini-style press (the style of which we still use today!) began over the next year. Whilst keeping punk, hardcore and metal records and vegan groceries in stock, the layout of V Revolution also switched up to create space for a maximum of 20 diners at the front:

Since then our popularity has grown and our team with it (Team V Revolution, Population: 9) we've mainly relied on our trusty Fritz-Kola A-board with various designs. Our most recent is this collaboration between Faridah (text) and Helena (Bootleg Bart):

As you'll probably know by now from us tooting about it already, our move to Edge Street is a huge step up for us. Three times more seating, twice as long opening hours, over twice as big a team (Team V Revolution, Population: 23), a brand new bigger menu with everything prepared from scratch, a bar and in-house bakery... Sorry, getting carried away with excitement.

Anyway yeah, we really feel like what we've been working on is gonna be a game-changer not only for the Manchester food scene, but hopefully the vegan scene at large. Obviously we had to get an A-board that would reflect this. So, we're delighted to have one of the North's finest traditional sign painters and illustrators Jim Medway to hand paint not only this, but our windows and signs inside the diner.

We've loved Jim since he put out the comic Teen Witch back in 2007 and as a former Manchester resident, we knew he would understand the area we're joining and what we hope to add to it. When he arrived with our new A-board last month we were proved right:

  Photo:  elliotfor.de   /  Logo:  WeThreeClub   /  A-board:  Jim Medway

Photo: elliotfor.de Logo: WeThreeClub / A-board: Jim Medway

We have to keep some things a surprise for when we open, so we'll keep the design on the other side of the A-board a secret until then. We can reveal however that it features a sassy lil 'dawg that you will be able to buy soon in enamel pin form from our diner and our new web store, so keep an eye out!


If you're impatient or just straight up broke, we're running a competition on Twitter and Instagram to win one! (We're giving away one on each site, so if you have accounts on both and want to double your odds, enter on both!)

Twitter competition here // Instagram competion here - GOOD LUCK!


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