"So.... When are you opening?"

Happy Sunday!

It's been 15 days since we pulled our shutters down at Oldham Street for the last time: The longest we have ever been closed in our 5 years of trading. We were hoping to make it across to Edge Street and be open within a week, but sadly that's not been the case.

Our handover date from our contractors for our new shop was meant to be Tuesday 25th October. With our last day at Oldham Street on the 28th, a week seemed like a decent period of time to make finishing touches to the decor, fill the kitchen and bar with supplies, and get our new team in for training...

As it stands we are still waiting for official handover nearly three weeks later, there's been a leak from the flats upstairs into the bar, and we've discovered some plumbing issues in the basement. It's been tough, it's been stressful, but still we plough on.

While we wait for our contractors to pull their fingers out, we've still been pulling long hours doing as much as we can:

  • Our new team are all Fire Safety and Food Safety Trained 
  • Our kitchen is fully stocked and ready to go (except for chilled/frozen items, as the walk-in chiller/freezer is off for access to plumbing)
  • Our bar is fully stocked and ready to go
  • Our menus are all tested and finalised
  • All furniture has been assembled
  • Over 60 prints and paintings have been hung on the walls
  • We've hand-filled the convenience dispensers for the loos with over 500 vegan condoms and eco organic tampons
  • Jim Medway has hand-painted our windows and internal signage 
  • We have designed and ordered a bunch of new merch, including this pin available online now 
  • We've ploughed through miles of paperwork necessary for the FSA, other Government departments, our bank etc...

So yeah, we've certainly been keeping busy. We get how eager you are to dine with us, just as we are eager to host you but please bear with us. We understand how frustrating this is, and to be honest we're about at our wits' end with almost two years of promised and then re-revised timelines (yes really, two years - this is a new build that has been keeping us stressed from the start). However, we still cannot commit to an opening date: The plumbing issues discovered this week are substantial and until our contractors fix them, we cannot use the kitchen (which is, it turns out, the most important part of any diner). We'll continue to pester our contractors but please be gentle with us. We're doing absolutely everything within our power to deliver delicious burgers and beers to your mouth asap.

Ok, peace!

V Rev

V Revolution Ltd, 28 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HN, United Kingdom

V Rev is a 100% vegan diner and bakery in Manchester, United Kingdom. We're open 7 days a week from 10am to 11pm. Come by and check us out!