Manchester Vegan Beer Fest

This weekend just gone (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September) we joined Mother May and Essential Vegan catering Manchester’s first Vegan Beer Fest, organised by FatGayVegan and sponsored by Follow Your Heart.

We rocked up to the beautiful Islington Mill early on Saturday morning and set about creating a pop-up V Rev experience for attendees, with a special menu designed to complement the amazing selection of vegan beers and ciders on offer:



Mac and ‘Cheese’ Burger: ‘beef’ burger, mac and ‘cheese’, creamy Buffalo sauce, served in a sesame bun

Pulled ‘Pork’ Bun (pictured): pulled ‘pork’ in Chipotle cola BBQ sauce, apple slaw, avocado aioli, served in a pretzel style bun

Chilli ‘Cheese’ Dog: hot dog, ‘beef’ and five bean chilli, queso ‘cheese’ sauce

Pulled ‘Pork’ Nachos (GF): corn tortilla chips, queso ‘cheese’ sauce, pulled ‘pork’ in Chipotle cola BBQ sauce, mango salsa, avocado aioli

Chilli Bowl (GF): ‘beef’ and five bean chilli, served with sour ‘cream’ and home made corn bread

Pulled ‘Pork’ Mac and ‘Cheese’ (GF): mac and ‘cheese’, pulled ‘pork’ in Chipotle cola BBQ sauce

Sub rolls: All Day Breakfast / Ploughman’s / Hoi Sin ‘Duck’



Chipotle Mayo Burger: ‘beef’ burger, Chipotle mayo, Apple slaw, served in a pretzel bun

Buffalo Ranch Burger: ‘beef’ burger, Buffalo Ranch sauce, queso ‘cheese’ sauce, lettuce, tomato, served in a pretzel bun

Chilli ‘Cheese Dog:as above

Loaded Nachos (GF): as above

Chilli bowl (GF): as above

Sub rolls: as above


If we’re being completely honest, we had designed and prepped Saturday’s menu to last the whole weekend, but as the beer flowed, so grew the appetites of the many festival attendees, and we were sold out of all our pulled ‘pork’ (there was a lot) within only two hours! This led to some hurried brain-storming early on Sunday morning whilst nursing our Queer Vegan Disco hangovers, but we pulled it out of the bag and delivered another excellent day of junk food. We really hope there will be another Manchester Vegan Beer Fest next year because we had an excellent weekend, and with our new premises on Edge Street up and running by then, being able to prep in a large kitchen space with walk-in chiller space should mean pulled ‘pork’ for everybody next time.

Massive thanks to Sean for organising the event, Josh and the lovely group of volunteers who helped make sure it ran smoothly, Islington Mill for being such brilliant hosts (and our favourite events venue in Manchester), and last but not least, Felicity, Sacha, Bernie and David who served food with us. Special mention to Lola for being the most beautiful snow princess doggo we ever did see, and to Pitfield Brewery’s Woodbine Racer for powering us through a busy event. We returned home on Sunday night really feeling the vegan love; thank you all!

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