We are all trained in food hygiene and safety for catering, and follow FSA guidelines on working with the 14 major allergens. If you have other allergies falling outside of this list, please ask your server or contact us for confirmation of whether they are used in our bakery. We are vegan for animal rights reasons and as such we are not a "free from" bakery, though we do offer gluten free and soy free versions of many of our treats in the hope that this will make the vegan movement more inclusive.


We work in a kitchen which also handles celery, cereals containing gluten, lupin, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and oil, soya and sulphur dioxide (sulphites). Therefore, all our bakes contain or may contain traces of these allergens.

We also use products that advise they 'may contain traces' of dairy and egg as per The Vegan Society's guidelines. Indeed, we use many ingredients and products that have The Vegan Society's registered trademark but contain these warnings as The Vegan Society "does not claim that products registered with the Vegan Trademark are suitable for people with allergies", and this is the position we also adopt.